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Kathy Haggart

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Ryan Scott

Vice President/COO
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Michèle Heffron

Director of Development
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Melissa Brzusek

Special Events Director
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Asia Kroschel

Grants and Social Media Manager
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Adrianne Gordon

Office Manager
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Rob Gilchrist

Director of Facilities and Transportation
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Jillian Lowe

Membership Coordinator
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Nicole Jackson

Area Director
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Seth Dostart

Teen Director
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Leslie Haggart

Main Club Unit Director
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Sara Hill

Preschool Director
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Stephanie Davidson

Sr. Athletic Director
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Nick Warren

Athletic Director
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Brian Hughes

IT Director
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Be a role model

Did You Know?

  • The #1 reason kids say the like to come to the Club is because of the staff!


  • We asked parents to use one word that best describes the Club.  The most common answers:  fun, awesome and safe!


  • Currently there are 11 Club Staff that are former Club members!


  • Each year, staff receive more than 100 hours of training to ensure they are the best of the best!


  • The average tenure for
    full-time Club Staff is 6 years!


  • More than 35% of our staff are involved in national and state efforts to support kids!


  • Club Staff create a culture of creativity and innovation to provide the best possible programs.


  • The daily efforts of Boys & Girls Club Staff have literally saved lives.