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Nick Warren

Nick Warren

Nick started his Boys & Girls Club career at the Main Club as a Program Staff for Project Learn in 2008. In 2010, he left to become the Athletic Director at the Kirkland Boys & Girls Club but 3 years later he was back doing Athletics with Bellevue. He loves the fact that he has come full circle and now gets to help run the same Bellevue Boys & Girls Club programs that he himself participated in as a kid.

Nick was born at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue and a few years later was attending preschool at the Bellevue Boys & Girls Club. He grew up playing sports through the Boys & Girls Club and then at Bellevue High School and eventually at Western Washington University. Nick has 1 wife and 0 cats, but is hoping to get a dog someday.

Fun Facts: Nick’s father, Onie, still claims he was the first person to ever make a basket at the, then new, main club gym circa 1965. He said it was much better than the old gym where half court was also the top of the key and an errant pass would often deflect off the old Moose Head hanging on the wall. Nick’s Aunt Mary also was a Preschool teacher here at Bellevue. 

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Did You Know?

  • The #1 reason kids say the like to come to the Club is because of the staff!


  • We asked parents to use one word that best describes the Club.  The most common answers:  fun, awesome and safe!


  • Currently there are 11 Club Staff that are former Club members!


  • Each year, staff receive more than 100 hours of training to ensure they are the best of the best!


  • The average tenure for full-time Club Staff is 6 years!


  • More than 35% of Bellevue staff are involved in national and state efforts to support kids!


  • Club Staff create a culture of creativity and innovation to provide the best possible programs.


  • The daily efforts of Boys & Girls Club Staff have literally saved lives.