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Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

All Club Programs

In the event of inclement weather, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue will follow the schedule of the Bellevue School District. If Bellevue School District closes due to severe weather, all club programs for that day will be canceled.

If BSD is delayed (1 or 2 hours) or closed, before school programs will be canceled.

In the event of a power outage, affected locations will be closed. 

For the most up to date information regarding Bellevue School District closures, please visit the district website at or the BSD closure webpage.

Information regarding club closures will also be posted on the Club's website at

Great Futures Preschool

If Bellevue School District (BSD) cancels classes due to inclement weather, Great Futures Preschool will be closed.

If BSD opens 1 hour late, Great Futures Preschool will also open 1 hour late.

If BSD opens 2 hours late, Great Futures Preschool will be closed.

Be Fun

Why the Club Works

  • Safety is our #1 priority.  The club provides youth with safe havens staffed by caring adult mentors, who have the best interest of children at heart.


  • 80% of all learning occurs outside the classroom. Our goal is to have a positive impact on every childs academic success
  • Academic success, healthy lifestyles and civic engagement are the Club's three focus areas for all programs.


  • We believe in providing all of our members with access to the latest technolgy so they will have a head start in today's world.


  • Our expectation is that every young person who enters our doors will be on track to graduate from high school with a plan for the future.