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Rob Gilchrist

Rob Gilchrist

Rob was  born one cold winter day in late 1963. He entered the Northshore school district in September of 1969 where he excelled at snacks and recess. After graduating from the sixth grade he decided he wanted to see the world and joined the merchant marines.  After more than twenty seven years in the merchant marines he decided that it was time to settle down so he moved to the Coast of Norway where he took up Downhill Skiing. He won a silver medal in the Downhill at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck. After retiring from competition in 1984, he began working on an idea of his that is now widely known as cold fusion. After a terrible exploding beaker accident he again decided it was time to take it easy and joined the Alaskan Secret Service...

Actually, just kidding!!

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Did You Know?

  • The #1 reason kids say the like to come to the Club is because of the staff!


  • We asked parents to use one word that best describes the Club.  The most common answers:  fun, awesome and safe!


  • Currently there are 11 Club Staff that are former Club members!


  • Each year, staff receive more than 100 hours of training to ensure they are the best of the best!


  • The average tenure for
    full-time Club Staff is 6 years!


  • More than 35% of our staff are involved in national and state efforts to support kids!


  • Club Staff create a culture of creativity and innovation to provide the best possible programs.


  • The daily efforts of Boys & Girls Club Staff have literally saved lives.