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Technology Programs

​​Through our technology programs youth are exposed, every single day, to technology and all it can accomplish. Access to technology is not only found in stand-alone tech and STEM activities, which are delivered every day to every child enrolled in after-school or summer programming - but is integrated throughout our greater program curriculum. Every Project Learn site has computer and high speed internet access as well as designated Tech time, and every Summer Camp site includes several weeks of Tech Camp.

For our teens, our brand new Best Buy Teen Tech Center provides new computers, scanners, printers, and other gear, it also incorporates a “make and do” space for hands-on STEM engineering. With generous support from Best Buy and Microsoft, our teen technology space can now house state-of-the-art programs to get our members excited about STEM and exploring future career opportunities. 

Club Tech

Training in a variety of computer skills including Microsoft programs, Kodu and Scratch game applications, and mandatory internet safety training. 

Best Buy Teen Tech Center

A state-of-the-art computer lab open every day after school, either drop in or come to one of our specialized activities! For more information contact Club House Coordinator, Seth Dostart.

Digital Arts

Each year youth learn how to create digital art such as digital photography, game design, graphic design, music creation, and movie-making and are entered in a National Boys & Girls Clubs of America Digital Arts Festival. 

Lego Robotics, Ready 4 Robotics, Littlebits, MaKey-MaKey

Building functional robotics and using computer skills to manipulate them; solving problems, making connections, and engaging in teamwork. 

Geek Squad Academy

A FREE two day academy providing fun, interactive classes and activities to equip youth for future careers. Sponsored by Best Buy, the academy is developed and run by local Geek Squad agents who spend time mentoring and coaching participants on topics like Robotics, Audio and Visual Production and 3D Printing, among others! 

Technology Summer Camps

3-D modeling 101

Ever wanted to take your two dimensional design and change it into a 3-D model? Or perhaps take the 3-D model and bringing it to life on a 3-D printer? Then this workshop is for you. Throughout the month of July in the Best Buy Tech center we will be running a series of workshops on 3-D modeling as well as 3-D animation. We have all the tools you need for all that's required. 

3-D animation 102

Ever wanted to bring your animation to life,  maybe you've always wanted to make a 3-D comic book.  Well this is your chance.  Through out the summer we will be holding a series of workshops in our Best Buy Tech Center.  You will learn how to use digital tablets that can help to capture your art and bring it to life.  We will be coving basic 3-D animation, introduction to tools and tricks of the trade.  We will introduce you to the best software available for 3-D Animation. 

For more information contact Seth Dostart or call (425)-429-3203  

Computer Refurbishment

Youth learn to wipe and rebuild computers using donated parts from local businesses. This incredible project also allows youth to bring the computers they built home! 

For more information on our Technology Programs, please contact Seth Dostart



Facts about the club:

  • The Club was one of the first Clubs in the country to include girls!
  • 86% of every dollar raised goes directly to programs for kids!
  • The Club gives over $700,000 in scholarships to deserving kids each year!
  • We run the City’s only teen center, The Club, that serves hundreds of teens each year.
  • The Club runs one of the largest athletic programs in the country!
  • Close to 100% of the students in the The Club's Be Great: Graduate! program are staying at grade level!
  • Each day, between 800 and 1,000 youth receive homework help, play games, and learn social skills at a Club in Bellevue!
  • Bellevue runs independently from Boys & Girls Clubs of King County with a separate BGCA Charter!


  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Belleve continues to be a national leader in the innovation of technology programming for kids!